Hi, I'm Bart

My journey with projects and products started in 2017 when I was actively engaged in an NGO. Then in 2019, I started my path in the IT sector, first as a project manager and then as a product owner. Working in agencies gave me the opportunity to engage in various types of assignments, allowing me to wear multiple hats in various industries. Currently taking care of our mobile app in Brainly.

Apart from that, I've recently discovered a passion for writing, which I pursue blogging on medium, and lately writing book notes.

Privately a gamer, anime lover and wannabe traveller on a path to self-discovery. I also drink slightly too much coffee and fast slightly too often.

My experience

Product Manager

Oct 2022 - Current

I maximise our products revenue while maintaining great experience for our users.

Product Owner

May 2021 - Sep 2022

From core product manager for a pre-seed startup to a corporate product owner and consultant.

Project manager

Oct 2019 - Apr 2021

Managing projects and programs, serving as product owner proxy and filling gaps (QA, UX).

VP of Product

Nov 2017 - Feb 2019

Opportunity to lead a product and a portfolio of corresponding projects for an international NGO,

My focus areas

While I believe in growing out, not up, some areas are especially close to my heart.

While I believe in being interdisciplinary, there are some areas I feel especially comfortable in.


Working primarily with small startups forced me to polish my skills in defining the smallest possible experiments and validating ideas fast.

Design & user experience

I am a strong contributor when it comes to UX, UI or branding. If I were to pivot my career, I'd probably become a product designer; I love it.

Delivery & execution

I hate waste, so I always strive to ensure our processes are efficient. Checklists and workflows are my cups of tea.


I believe PMF is barely enough, so I also hone my skills when it comes to distribution, growth loops and product-channel fit.

On the personal note

Don't get me wrong. I still enjoy collaborating with people and doing all kinds of social activities. I just need plenty of 'me time' to recharge afterwards :)

Killed way too much time playing MMORPGs or LoL when I was younger. Hook me up if you want to play some co-op though!

When most people drink their second cup, I am already at my fifth.

I have big plans, but there's alway some excuse. Working on it; time to cross some cities off my bucket list.

I have a strange relationship with anime. I usually lean towards more 'engaging' activities, but when I get myself to watch something, I binge all the way.

Some people spend money on cars, others on headphones. Good quality audio is my sacred pleasure.

Anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba
TV Series: Suits
Movie: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Game: Gothic II
Fiction book: Ender's Shadow
Netflix show: Stranger Things
Self-development course: Lifebook Online